About Richert Ranch

At Richert Ranch we believe you are what you eat.  
That's why we raise health food!  Have you ever
opened the egg of a free range hen next to a store
bought egg?  The free range egg is so yellow it's
almost orange whereas the store bought egg is a weak,
pale yellow.  The same is true in the grocers meat
department.  If you feed an animal growth hormones
and antibiotics you will eat the growth hormones and
antibiotics in the animals product.  If you feed the
animal natural food like grass and clover the animal
will get vitamins and minerals and in the animals
final product you will too.  Our farm is located in
northern Indiana and we believe in education.  
Contact us if your interested in an educational tour.
What's New?
We are all done with lambing, and ended the season with thirty-eight lambs! They are growing
out very nicely and have beautiful, lustrous fleeces, and excellent conformation, just like their
Currently, we have been working on expanding our pasture and are almost ready to
turn our flock out on the new part. We have also done some shearing recently, and are looking
forward to entering the fleeces that we harvested in some wool shows this summer. The sheep
who were just shorn are enjoying their summer haircuts,
and Cutie Pie still demands her daily
back scratch!
Richert Ranch
As you can probably tell the store
bought egg yolks are on the right
and our egg yolk is on the left.
All rights reserved.
Cutie Pie.  "When you've finished with
that web thing, SCRATCH MY BACK!"
Left- A close
up of an
Lincoln lamb's
Right- Sugar, a
Colored Lincoln
Ewe lamb,
races through
the barn.
Vesper, Galadriel's daughter, snuggles in the
straw. She is a purebred Lincoln.
Above Right- Polly's
and Penelope's
lambs pose for a
picture. They were
born this October.
Above Left- Cosette
and her ewe lamb,
Captain Phasma,
relax after a big day.
Left- Oreo's rams
take a nap after a
big day of playing.
Left- Roxy, a purebred Lincoln poses for
the camera. Roxy's dad is Percy and her
mom is Salt.
Above- Fleeces from WBO's ewe lamb
and Sherlock after winning Reserve
Champion and Champion Natural Colored
Fleece in the Youth Show, respectively.
Above- Pipa poses for the camera.  Her
fleece won the White Lincoln Ewe class and
went on to be named Champion Overall Ewe
Fleece at the 2016 Tennessee State Fair.
Right- The Wilder family from Little House
on the Prarie, consisting here of Lizzy the
sheep, Alaina, Mom, Dad, and Baby Blanket
Carrie, had a lot of fun winning the costume
class at the 2016 MI Fiber Festival.  
Left- Mother's first kisses. Polly
dotes on her newborn lamb.
Below- Polly's lamb is now growing
into a beautiful young ewe!